RegAResearch Launches First Online Media Platform to Provide News and Analysis of Regulation A+ Companies

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–RegAResearch, the only media platform dedicated exclusively to news and analysis of Regulation A+ (“Reg A+”) companies, today announced its official launch at

RegAResearch is committed to objective journalism as a means to deliver the clearest and most accurate picture of the microcap industry. In an era when misinformation is rampant, we aspire to distinguish between truth and falsehood, along with opportunity and risk.

Reg A+, which was designed for growth-stage businesses seeking to raise up to $50 million through initial public offerings, has allowed several companies to list on national exchanges in the last year and many more are expected in 2018. The industry has yet to attract significant attention from large investment banks or the mainstream media. In such an environment, we believe that fundamental analysis is especially valuable to investors.

In particular, we aim to identify Reg A+ companies that are supported by robust business models. We will also endeavor to inform investors about companies that they should beware. RegAResearch will not produce paid content on behalf of companies but will use publicly-available information, company interviews, and input from investors to formulate our views.

RegAResearch’s content is split into three broad categories:

Exclusive Analysis – Our marquee material consisting of financial analysis and breaking news that’s not available anywhere else

Editorial – Opinion or commentary pieces submitted to RegAResearch along with Q&A-style interviews with key industry executives

In the News – Handpicked news items concerning the Reg A+ industry

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